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CoolSculpting gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body thereby inducing a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. Unlike many other methods of fat reduction, CoolSculpting involves no needles, surgery or downtime.

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Millions of people already know BOTOX® Cosmetic — Pelle Spa uses Botox for forehead lines (horizontal), brow lift, crow’s feet, bunny lines and hyperhydrosis (sweating, often used under the arms).

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Hair Removal

We use our state of the art laser systems to quickly, safely, and effectively remove unwanted hair with results that last for far longer than tweezing, waxing, shaving, chemical depilation, or other temporary methods

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From skin health to excess fat, Pelle Spa is your source for whole-body beauty and revitalization. We offer consultations regarding any of our services and are happy to customize our approach to provide the best results for each of our patients. We are located in Farmington, NM and are happy to serve customers from Durango, CO and anywhere else you may call home.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is ready to help you look your best! Annette Randlemon, CFNP, is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in women's health. She has been in the healthcare field for 27 years. Annette has been instrumental in expanding the medical aesthetic field in Farmington. She also sees patients at Piñon Family Practice.

Lori Kitts, RN, has been a registered nurse since 1991, working at San Juan Regional Medical Center until going into business with Annette in 2009. She has been working in the skin care field for the last 6 years with her love being injecting dermal fillers and Botox.

Kami Olguin is a registered nurse and has worked in the aesthetic field since 2005. Kami is an expert in the laser treatments, skin care, injectables, BioTE Therapy,  and CoolSculpting.


We are located at 5920 E. Main Street, Suite B. in Farmington, NM, right in between Distil and M. Moose.

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